Choose The Best Litter Box For Your Cat

Choose The Best Litter Box For Your Cat

Cats are commonly being sent to shelters because they can't learn how to use their litter box properly. The problem isn't because they don't know how to use a litter box but it's because the litter box isn't up to the cat's hygienic standards.

Keep in mind that cats have a more sensitive sense of smell than humans, so a dirty litter box will have a much more putrid scent to your cat's nose when compared to your nose.

When a litter box is too dirty or is too small in size, it?s perfectly normal for your cat to seek another place that?s cleaner than the litter box to finish its business. This means you need to be attentive to your cat?s habits when it comes to using the litter box.

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On What To Pay Attention

The litter box you end up choosing for your cat needs to fulfill all its needs, so it gladly does its business without creating a messy home. There are different types of litter boxes available on the market, which makes it difficult to find the one suitable for your cat.

Blue Plastic  Litterbox

Most people end up going through many litter boxes before finding the right one for their cat. You can skip the entire trial period and save money when you choose the best litter box from the jump.

Keep reading to find out which features to look out for when you?re buying the best litter box for your cat.

Size of Your Cat

The size of your cat should dictate how large your litter box should be. Experts offer a rule of thumb in regards to litter box size which states that a litter box should be one and a half times the overall length of your cat.

Cat Litterbox cat inside

If you can?t find a litter box that fits the dimension parameters stated above, you should always g for the bigger litter box option. You can?t go wrong with a litter box that?s too big. In fact, if it?s too small, your cat will disregard utilizing it and move on to find other household areas to urinate in.

Typically, overweight and large cats will not comfortably fit in a standard sized litter box, which makes it impossible for your cat to use its litter box properly. If you have a kitten, you should buy a litter box that's made specifically for kittens.

Type Of Litter Box

When it comes to the types of litter boxes to choose from, you have the option between a covered or uncovered litter box.


You many think that a covered litter box is your cat?s dream come true since it offers your cat privacy and litter scatter control.

However, this litter box also keeps odors locked in, which isn?t good news for your pet. Your cat?s extremely sensitive sense of smell will prevent it from using the litter box since the covered design doesn?t provide proper air circulation.

Covered Litterbox For Cats

If you have a large cat, experts suggest moving away from buying covered litter boxes since it will make your cat feel cramped in such a tight space. In fact, when your cat uses a covered litter box, its head cannot extend past the box?s perimeter. This makes it impossible for your cat to stretch and complete its daily hygienic routine in peace.


For those who have cats that need a lot of room to go to the bathroom, an uncovered litter box would best suit your cat's needs. Uncovered litter boxes are much more accessible than covered ones since your cat only has to jump into the litter box to use it.

When it comes down to choosing the right uncovered litter box, you should ensure it has low enough sides so your cat can effortlessly climb in and out. The easier it is for your cat to utilize its litter box, the more likely your cat will fervently take advantage of it.

Uncovered Cat Litterbox

If your cat tends to spray in its litter box, you should consider buying an uncovered litter box that comes with high sides rather than low ones. These litter boxes usually have one low side that serves to be an entrance for your cat.

An uncovered litter box should be deep enough for your cat to quickly jump in, finish their business, dig a hole, and then cover up its remains. Keep in mind that old cats or those diagnosed with arthritis will have a difficult time getting in and out of an uncovered litter box with sides that are too high.


  • Before taking your cat home, you should discuss with either the breeder or previous owner about what kind of litter box was used and preferred by the cat. If your cat is trained, you can easily make the transition to having it use a different litter box.
  • For those with more than one cat, you should make sure that they have separate litter boxes. Forcing your cats to share litter boxes promotes a dirty environment that breeds disease and excruciating smells.
  • Some experts go far enough to say that you should ensure each cat has its litter box as well as an additional box for backup.

Setting Up The Litter Box

Once you decide on either a covered or uncovered litter box for your cat, the next thing you should concern yourself with is where you'll be placing the litter box.

  • You?ll want to put the litter box in a location where there is no clutter or obstacles, so your cat can have easy access. Make sure that the area of the house you place the litter box in is quiet and doesn?t provide any distractions.

Things To Keep In Mind

  • Cats want privacy and quiet when they are finishing up their business, which is what any human would expect from a bathroom.
  • You don?t associate the bathroom with food, and it?s no surprise that the same mentality applies to cats as well. In fact, you should never place a litter box anywhere near your cat?s water and food.
  • ?Your cat will disregard doing its business in a litter box that's near its food and water, which will then force your cat to find another suitable place around the home to function as its litter box.
  • Even if you have the perfect litter box setup and your cats realize that a litter box is ready for use, it may still have the tendency to urinate on other household surfaces. Cats commonly urinate on houseplants since they have a similar setup to a litter box.
  • This houseplant habit is completely normal, but rest assured that your cat will predominantly use the litter box as a means of going to the bathroom.
  • To avoid having your cat associate houseplants with litter boxes, you should consider keeping houseplants away from the litter box area. Some experts recommend covering the plant soil with tin foil or rocks to deter your cat from using it as a litter box.

Litter & Cleaning

Since cats have a sensitive sense of smell, you need to make sure you're constantly on top of cleaning and maintaining the litter box. A litter box that's too dirty will have your cat running in the opposite direction to find a suitable place to go to the bathroom, which is bad news for your home.


The litter box is simply the vessel that holds the litter responsible for absorbing your cat's urine and excrements. Most cat owners recommend using clumping cat litter above all different types of the litter because it makes maintaining a litter box a simple chore.

Clumping cat litter contains a unique material known as bentonite which makes scooping your cat's urine and excrements an efficient process since you don't have to empty the entire box to clean it properly.

Benzonite Clay

Once your cat is doing its business on clumping cat litter, the remains will result to form a solid clump shape that makes it easy for you to scoop. Scooping out sections that visibly contain clumps of your cat?s urine and excrements rather than cleaning out the whole litter box is guaranteed to save you money as well as time in the long run.

How Often Should You Scoop Litter?

Experts suggest scooping the litter box two to three times a day especially if you use clumping cat litter. If you?re using other litter varieties, the amount of times you should scoop out soiled litter varies.

Keep in mind that there is a massive variety of cat litter available that range both in material and texture. Experts suggest to look out for clumping cat litter that comes with odor treatment features to provide the best litter box for your cat.


Litter boxes require a thorough deep cleaning that involves using a diluted bleach solution and a towel. More technologically advanced litter boxes come with built-in cleaning features that have both automatic and manual functions.


People opt out to buy litter boxes that clean itself since it eliminates the need for you to remove your cat's waste constantly. In fact, it provides a healthy cleaning alternative that reduces the amount of work you need to put into keeping the litter box clean enough for your cat.

Automatic Litterbox for Cats

These litter boxes deposit your cat?s waste into a disposable container, so all you have to do is remove, empty, and rinse the container once it?s full. If you don?t want a litter box that automatically picks up after your cat, there are cheaper alternatives that require manual cleaning.


Standard litter boxes collect your cat?s waste, but it?s up to you to clean it out. Cat owners prefer spot cleaning that involves using a diluted bleach solution to wipe away waste that?s coated alongside the walls of the litter box.

Manual Cleaning

Spot cleaning also includes using a scooper to remove certain waste-filled sections of your cat?s litter box. Frequent litter spot cleanings make the litter last longer, which saves you money and shortens your time spent cleaning an entire litter box.

Cleaning Litter Box Accessories

Other than cleaning the actual litter box, you can?t forget about cleaning the scooper. An unclean scooper is an ideal place for bacteria to grow and thrive, and using such a scooper will transfer the bacteria to your cat?s litter. This creates an unhealthy environment that leaves your cat vulnerable to getting sick.

Cat owners frequently clean their scooper after every use to avoid exposing their cats to harmful bacteria. When you do use the scooper for a spot cleaning, you need to ensure you don't break up any urine balls to avoid having to clean the entire litter box.

Our Recommendations

Now that you have a thorough understanding of what to keep an eye out in regards to litter boxes, you should continue reading to get in-depth reviews of best-selling litter boxes that are guaranteed to leave you and your cat feeling satisfied.

Best Cat Litter Box For The Money: Modkat Litter Box

First-time cat owners don't realize that most litter boxes lack litter box cleaning supplies, which proves to be a hassle when you're forced to buy these essential tools separately. You can't keep costs low when you purchase a litter box that falls short in regards to including cleaning accessories.

For those looking for a litter box that comes with all the necessary tools required for proper maintenance, Modkat Litter Box is the all-in-one solution you?ve been waiting for.


  • Reusable liner (Included: Fitted Tension Band)
  • Covered litter box design
  • Seamless Base
  • Grated Top Lid with locking feature
  • ?Litter Box Dimensions: 16 inches by 16 inches by 15 inches
  • Liner Dimensions: 16 inches by 16 inches by 10 inches
  • Maximum Cat Weight: 14 pounds
  • Color: White, Black, & Orange
  • Entry Point Diameter: 9 inches
  • ?Included: Litter Scooper

Space & Size

Since this is a covered litter box, buyers normally make the mistake of assuming it won?t offer enough room for their cats. Modkat Litter Box?s award-winning design proves that covered litter boxes have the potential to ensure as much room for your cat as uncovered ones.

The circle with a nine-inch diameter that serves as Modkat Litter Box's entry point is big enough for an average sized cat to jump in easily. The litter box's accommodating entrance leads into an enclosed box that reaches a height of 15 inches and lengths of 16 inches.

product Modkat review

As a side note, make sure that the dimensions of Modkat Litter Box reflect the size of your cat since this might be too small for those with large cats. Most cat owners had no problem incorporating Modkat Litter Box to their cat's daily cleaning routine.


Modkat Litter Box covered design extenuates its ability to trap odors inside, so your home is left smelling fresh. In fact, guests will not even notice you have a cat until they see it rather than having to smell it.

The key behind Modkat Litter Box odor-free quality is its reusable liner. The liner measures roughly five inches shorter than the box itself and comes with a fitted tension band that ensures it stays in place.

When it?s time to clean out the litter box, all you have to do is remove the liner and clean it thoroughly, which isn?t difficult whatsoever.

When you compare Modkat Litter Box with other models, cat owners ended up cleaning Modkat Litter Box more frequently and consistently than any other litter box, which is beneficial for your cat.

Modkat Litter Box?s innovative design makes it the best litter box for odor control that will cost you under $100.

Best Hidden Cat Litter Box: Good Pet Stuff Litter Box

The traditional litter box design includes a spacious box that may or may not have a covered top. These litter boxes awkwardly stand out and usually don?t complement the rest of your home?s interior decor.

Modern litter boxes are completely ditching the traditional design in exchange for a more visually appealing litter box that easily fits in with the rest of your household.

Good Pet Stuff Litter Box doesn't look like your typical litter box since it has a real clay pot base as well as plants nestled between its top and bottom sections. To any unknowing guest, Good Pet Stuff Litter Box looks like a plant in a clay pot and nothing more.

Good Pet Stuff Litter Box?s inconspicuous feature makes it the best cat litter box for those who care about preserving their home?s interior decor while still providing a comfortable environment for their cat to finish its business.

Good Pet Stuff Hidden Box


  • Made With Polypropylene
  • Filtered Ventilation System
  • Comes with Plant, Moss, & Clay Pot
  • Suitable for more than one cat
  • One year limited warranty
  • Requires Litter Pan or Liner (sold separately)
  • Dimensions with Plant: 20 inches by 42 inches
  • Dimensions without Plant: 20 inches by 21 inches
  • Entrance Dimensions: 9 inches by 9 inches

Large Size

Good Pet Stuff Litter Box is one of the largest litter boxes available on the market, which means there's enough room for your cat to relieve itself easily.

Without the plant attached to the top of the clay pot, Good Pet Stuff Litter Box reaches a height of 21 inches which is above the average litter box height. Buyers with cats weighing 18 pounds found this litter box to be the only one that suited their cat?s needs.Typical litter boxes can only suit cats weighing up to 14 pounds, which makes this litter box a rare find.

Best Large Cat Litter Box: Petmate Litter Box

Those looking for a litter box that doesn?t follow traditional design standards, but takes an innovative approach to create a bathroom for your cat should consider buying Petmate Litter Box.

Petmate went above and beyond your typical litter box when they designed an entirely unique litter box that's in the shape of a dome. In fact, when you combine its dome shape with its white color design, Petmate Litter Box appears to be an igloo litter box where your cat can relieve itself in privacy and comfort.


  • Made with Durable Plastic
  • Dimensions: 22.5 inches by 22.5 inches by 19 inches
  • Removable Dome
  • Built-in Handle
  • Filter
  • Accommodates cats of every size
  • BPA-free

Privacy & Cleanliness

Petmate Litter Box features a curved step design that leads into the litter pan?s spacious interior where your cat, regardless of size, will comfortably ease its way into completing its business.

Since the entire Petmate Litter Box is enclosed, you have no way of looking at your cat while it's going to the bathroom which allows your cat to relieve itself in peace.

petmate large review

When your cat is finished using Petmate Litter Box, it?ll have to go down steps that are designed to remove litter from its paws. This prevents your car from leaving a trail of litter on either your carpet or floor.

The large spherical-type design of Petmate Litter Box qualifies it as being the best litter box for large cats. Your cat is guaranteed to feel as if its litter box is a mansion when you introduce Petmate Litter Box into your household.

Best Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box

Winner: Litter-Robot III

Litter boxes are either classified as being manual or automatic, and it?s up to you to choose which one best suits your needs. The distinguishing feature that separates a manual litter box from an automatic one is its ability to perform tasks on its own.

For those looking for a litter box that requires no manual labor on your part will greatly appreciate the technological innovations applied to modern automatic litter boxes.

Litter Robot III Open Air Review

Litter-Robot III is a best-selling litter box that comes with self-cleaning capabilities which eliminate the need for you to get your hands dirty while you?re trying to clean your cat?s litter box.

A lot of buyers agree that Litter-Robot III is the best automatic cat litter box that consistently and properly removes your cat?s waste to always result in a fully clean and healthy litter box.


  • Ergonomic Chamber suitable for large cats
  • Filtration System located in waste drawer
  • Self-cleans
  • Accommodates multiple cats
  • Automatic night light
  • 8-Hour Sleep Mode
  • Waste Drawer Indicator
  • Made in the USA
  • Saves you 50% on litter costs
  • 18 month limited warranty
  • Adjustable Cycle Timer: 3 to 7 to 15-minute delay

How Does It Work?

Once your cat steps inside Litter-Robot III, the adjustable cycle timer will automatically go off to dictate when the device will start its self-cleaning feature. If you set the timer to seven minutes, Litter-Robot III will countdown till it reaches zero to perform its automatic capabilities.

Litter-Robot III has a globe that will start rotating according to a particular cleaning cycle that will remove the waste clumps that came from your cat and deposit them into a waste container located at the bottom of the device. It'll take Litter-Robot III about 1 to 2 minutes to completely perform one cleaning cycle.

Keep in mind that Litter-Robot III comes with a self-adjusting cat sensor that works to stop the best kitty litter box from completing its cleaning cycle if your cat happens to jump onto the machine.

Once the waste container is full of your cat's remains, an indicator light will go off to alert you that it's time to empty the container.

Runner Up: PetSafe Litter Box

PetSafe Litter Box is also classified as being an automatic litter box that comes with self-cleaning capabilities that differ from the previously reviewed litter box.

ScoopFree Review

With this litter box no manual scooping is required so that you can forget about the litter box for days, and there won't be any adverse consequences for your cat. PetSafe incorporates an innovative form of litter that not many manufacturers have yet to take advantage of.

For a no-mess litter box that requires no additional litter box furniture and accessories, PetSafe Litter Box is the ideal choice to make.


  • Blue Premium Crystal Litter
  • Disposable Trays
  • Leak Proof Tray comes with Lid
  • Box Dimensions: 27.5 inches by 19 inches by 7 inches
  • Litter Pan Dimensions: 14 inches by 14 inches
  • 20-minute waiting period to begin cleaning cycle
  • 90-day money back guarantee

Quick & Efficient Disposable System

PetSafe Litter Box serves to provide a convenient disposable system that makes your life easier in regards to maintaining your cat's litter box. You don't have to keep track of PetSafe Litter Box since the disposable trays work to perform scoop free cleaning at set time intervals.

The disposable trays contain Blue Premium Crystal Litter that dehydrates solid waste and absorbs urine to remove unwanted odors that negatively impact your cat automatically. You also shouldn't expect this unique litter to get stuck on your cat's paws since it has a different chemical composition when compared to regular litter.

Keep in mind that you will have to buy more disposable trays once your PetSafe Litter Box runs out. Even though you would think that PetSafe Litter Box is the best litter box for cats, the additional required purchases rate it less than Litter-Robot III.


Cats love to dig, scratch, and get comfy when they?re busy doing their business, so a proper sized litter box will allow your cat to perform its typical cleaning routine without an issue.

When you go to a pet store, don't buy a standard sized litter box since it's not guaranteed to accommodate to your cat's size. Plus pet stores tend to have a limited selection of litter boxes that don't vary in type, so you should consider new vendors when you're about to purchase a litter box.

Hopefully, the reviews above gave you enough information to make an expert decision as to which litter box will best suit your cat.

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